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Infinito R1 19 19?brings together the advanced Volume Control and Infinito fit features, Dynamic Arch Support, a full UD carbon sole and a?reflective Microtex upper?with a very special design.

With class-leading fit, comfort and power transfer, the Infinito R1 19 19 is engineered for pro-race level performance. It shares the Infinito Closure System, superior stiffness and weight-saving materials of the Infinito R1 and features special edition commemorative graphics for a high performance road shoe with a unique design.
The Infinito R1 19 19?™s special design combines elements of the routes of the 1919 and 2019 editions of the Corsa Rosa. It commemorates 100 years since the historic 7th edition; the return to racing being symbolic of Europe?™s new-found peace and forward-looking unity. Its reflective Microtex material is integral to the design, recalling the hours raced in the dark, without lanterns or street lighting ??and referencing the reflection today?™s riders and fans have in respecting those in our past.
With Dynamic Arch Support technology?™s structure and the Increased Volume Control system, which shapes the whole shoe?™s upper directly around the foot?™s profile, Infinito R1 19 19 is developed and tested to fit any rider precisely, easily and comfortably. The Infinito Closure System uses two micro-adjustable double Boa IP1-B dials. The textile guides eliminate pressure points, providing optimum adaptable comfortable fit for high-power, high-intensity riding.
The reflective, 1.2mm Laser Perforated Microtex upper of the Infinito R1 19 19 features minimal seams and stitching, blending breathability, strength and flexibility with support. It harmonises with a mesh footbed insole for enhanced ventilation and comfort. Its laterally stiff, light, Uni Direction Full Carbon Outsole is ventilated for maximum temperature control, and delivers efficient power transfer.

- 2x BOA IP1-B dials
- R1 outsole ??full carbon unidirectional
- Replaceable heel skid plate
- Weight: 245g (size 42)
- Sizes: 37-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes)

Product Features

-?Unique design:?combining the routes of the 1919 and 2019 Corsa Rosa
-?Reflective Microtex upper:?supple yet strong and durable
-?Customised insole:?with graphic depicting the two routes?
-?R1 full UD carbon outsole:?ultimate stiffness and lightness tuned for max power transfer
-?Infinito:?advanced volume control of the forefoot area
-?Dynamic Arch Support:?customized fit of the plantar arch
-?Volume Control:?Independent fit adjustment for instep and forefoot