MARZOCCHI Bomber Z1 Air 29in Air Grip Sweep-Adj Gloss Red Std Gloss Red 15QRx110 1.5T 44mm Fork

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The Z1 is freedom from the status quo. Step outside enduro’s obsession with counting seconds and go have some fun in the woods. The Z1 is an aggressive all mountain and enduro fork with a different viewpoint for riders’ priorities. Everyone wants suspension performance that’s smooth as butter with great traction and control, and that’s where the Z1 shines. After that, the Z1 departs from industry norms. More time fiddling with adjustments means less time shredding the trails. The Z1 keeps it simple with intuitive compression sweep adjustment, from locked out to full open. Simple rebound adjustment covers the range from fast to slow rebound for a full range of rider weights and preferences without overcomplicating things. Plus, it’s biased towards stiffness, ride performance and durability, so while it’s carrying a few extra grams, you probably won’t notice because you’re having too much fun.

RAKE 44mm
AXLE 15QRx110
STANCHIONS Ø36mm Black Anodizing
STEERER Tapered Aluminum