MARZOCCHI Bomber Z1 Coil 29in Coil Grip Sweep-Adj Gloss Red Std/Clear Logo 15QRx110 1.5T 44mm Fork

$6,399.00 $5,119.00

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Riders asked for it, Marzocchi heard the call and proudly delivered a coil mountain bike fork worthy of its legendary predecessor. The Z1 Coil builds on the strong legacy of the original Bomber Z1 from the ‘90s that helped fuel the freeride movement. Weight weenies need not apply. 


Stout and proven 36mm chassis 

GRIP damper 

Ultra-lightweight tempered silicon-chromium steel spring, wrapped for near-silent performance 

Integrated air assist for progressivity and bottom out control 

External preload adjuster 

Adjustable travel in 10mm increments with included internal spacers 


Undeniably Smooth

Finally, a buttery smooth coil fork with nothing to prove. Braking bumps or big hits, it doesn’t matter. The Bomber Z1 Coil soaks it all up with the planted feel that only a coil spring can provide. Better traction. Less arm pump. Tough as nails.

Best of Both Worlds

An integrated air assist chamber allows for progressivity in the lower part of the stroke as well as controlling bottom out. Air functionality? Check. Coil plushness? Double check. Plus, the spring is wrapped to prevent any on-trail rattle.

No-Nonsense Suspension Forks

With a stiff 36mm chassis for responsive steering, set-and-forget adjustments for hassle-free laps and a low-maintenance service schedule, the Bomber Z1 Coil is the reliable riding partner you’ve been looking for.