REPENTE Artax GLM Saddle AM Red mud 142 mm



Artax GLM: width and performance go hand in hand

Artax GLM is the 142-mm wide version of Artax GL, the lightweight and versatile saddle that Repente has dedicated to the gravel enthusiasts and to the off-road in general.

The anatomical shape of the rear and the pressure relief channel, designed to avoid numbness and pain on the uneven grounds, are present as in the 132-mm wide Artax GL.
Another feature in common with the two saddles is the square shape of the front padding, that ensures improved support when pedalling in the "seat tip" sitting position.

One of the problems that may occur with a wide saddle is that the dimension of the saddle can hinder the free movement of the hip joint, with consequences for the comfort and the effectiveness of the pedal stroke. We’ve overcome this inconvenience shaping the silhouette of the saddle so that no hindrance is created to the movement of the joint and leg (ERGO SHAPE).   

The proprietary RLS system allows the saddle cover to be easily replaced without having to change the base. By the way, the coupled double bases have turned out to offer a better absorption of the vertical vibrations transmitted by the ground. 

The differential section rail is made of UD carbon fibre. The shell is built us-ing LCF (Long Carbon Fibers) technology, which makes the saddle just rigid enough and non-deformable over time. 

The padding is made of Eva, a very light material, made thicker in the most delicate support points to maximise comfort even on bumpy terrain, for those who prefer a more upright sitting position and those who often use the lower part of the handlebars.

Coating: non-slip cover material, which is just as effective when wet.

  • COATING Water-based microfiber
  • PADDING Super lightweight EVA
  • PADDING SUPPORT PA12 Carbon Reinforced
  • SUPPORT STRUCTURE PA12 Long Carbon Fiber (LCF)
  • RAIL UD Carbon Fiber T700 Ø 7x9 mm
  • DIMENSIONS 275 mm x 142 mm
  • WEIGHT (± 5%) 160 g (5.64 oz)
  • GRAPHICS Black Mud - Red Mud

| The saddle designed to avoid numbness and pain on the uneven grounds |

  • Width 142 mm
  • Anatomical channel «Pressure relief»
  • Thick layer of Eva padding
  • Square front for a better support
  • Non-slip water-based coating
  • Shaping: Semiflat