Brooks B17 STANDARD CLASSIC Saddle Red

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The Brooks England B17 S Standard Classic Saddle is Brooks England flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and mtb use. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue . The model is available for gents and ladies: the B17 (gents) and B17 S (ladies). The Standard models feature black steel rails, the B17 Special features copper plated steel metalwork, and the B17 Titanium... Both the B17 Special and the Titanium also feature hand hammered copper rivets.

About Brooks?England

Touring cyclists, commuters and audax cyclists frequently choose Brooks saddles for there comfort, craftsmanship, durability and style. Brooks England is a bicycle saddle manufacturer in Smethwick, Birmingham, England. It has been making leather goods since 1866, when it was founded in Hockley, Birmingham. After a certain period of use, which can be from 100 kilometers to 1,600 kilometers depending on the leather used to make the top, the saddle visibly moulds itself to the rider. This is caused by fibres in the leather breaking down under the weight of the rider. The saddle is normally more comfortable by this stage, although some riders find that no break-in period is necessary for comfort.
  • Traditional British artisan styling
  • Ideal for touring and trekking use
  • Distictive Brooks badge
  • Width: 175mm
  • Length: 275mm
  • Height: 65g
  • Weight: 520g
  • Rail Material: Steel
  • Made in England